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Enjoy complete mind and body relaxation in your own private world.

Stay an hour or two ...... or more!!




Cleanse your mind, relax your body and refresh your spirit in our 4-in-1 Sauna:

Classic Finnish Sauna

* Heat and moisture help to release toxins from the body.

Dry Sauna

* Relieve tension & stress, rejuvenate the skin through perspiration.

Steam Sauna

* Relax and renew energy levels.

Aromatherapy Sauna

* Create intense relaxation through aromatherapy blends.




The use of heat, buoyancy and massage in the Harmony Wellness Jacuzzi will create an experience that is not only relaxing but more importantly, healthy.


In addition to the water jets and 5 different seating options, enjoy a spa with Colour Light Therapy to appeal to your senses and create an enhanced atmosphere.

Revitalising Shower



A whole body showering experience!


Enter the Revitalising Shower to find a large Rain showerhead and 6 adjustable Bodyjet massage outlets.


The addition of air to water through the showerhead and massage outlets will stimulate the reflex points below the skin, activating the circulation and help to produce a feeling of complete relaxation.


A treat for the body and soul!

Kneipp Method



The principles of the Kneipp method involve the use of hot and cold water to bolster the immune system, resulting in improved, overall wellness. Use in combination with the sauna for maximum therapeutic benefit.


Indulge in a warm footbath to soothe tired legs and to stimulate blood circulation.

Kneipp Hose

Drench your entire body with cold water to aid the cooling down process.  The ideal way to complete your sauna experience.

Shower with Kneipp Waterfall

The perfect example of the healing power of water.

After the sauna, a gush of cold water from the Waterfall will help you to achieve freshness and strength. Follow this with a warm shower to compliment the cold water blast.

Feel the results immediately - a relaxing sensation!

Complimentary Services




For your personal comfort, the following complimentary services are provided:

  • Bathrobes and Slippers

  • Sauna towels and shower towels

  • Herbal teas, still water and mineral water

  • Calming music in all areas

  • Relaxation Chairs and Mats

  • Floor heating in all areas